The recognition of the diploma obtained abroad for an immigrant is often the Achilles heel of its installation in Canada.

After several research, we can confirm that newcomers feel often abandoned, and they encounter many difficulties when comes the time to recognize their degrees.

In fact, several people who have tried to recognize their equivalency degree or training outside of Canada in 2016-2017, less than 30 percent have only got full recognition. According to our research, a third of immigrants who have been asked to carry out refresher training, courses or examinations were abandoned for various reasons.

More than 61% of immigrants would have appreciated been accompanied by professional order, where they made a request to be better prepared for the exams and follow up to complete their training.

Those mainly concerned for equivalences in a proportion of 35% having failed or abandoned their internship or training because the process was deemed too long. Also, they had to give up because their personal or financial situation prevented them (22%), because their family situation was difficult (11%) or because the conditions of the internship or training suited them (11%).

These findings become even more critical in the current context of staff shortages in many sectors in Canada. Indeed, 1.4 million jobs will be available in Quebec by 2026, due to the retirement of baby boomers.

Brice Obam
Deputy Marketing Director
Immigration Reference

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