Ensure pleadings before the immigration and citizenship Commissions and courts is one of our main commitments to our customers. In some cases, despite the relevance of the case, the applicant may see his application rejected. We then appeal the decision and ask for a review, when we find it not founded in law.
Some people, students or temporary workers, already present in Canada often find themselves in similar situations where they risk losing or lost their temporary resident status. In these cases, time is precious and plays against them. Contact us more quickly to assess the situation and adopt the most appropriate measures.
Given our careful selection of applicants based on their actual immigration eligibility, appeal and litigation procedures in general have satisfactory conclusions which we and our customers are very proud.
The services we offer are marked by the seal of our philosophy, a personal approach with each client. Our Mission is to provide each service with diligence, professionalism and personality driven. The client and its development through its project of immigration remain at the center of our objectives. Under the personal supervision of each file by our approved Consultant, Mr. Sylvain Charles DIEUMOU, our firm Immigration La Reference offers you the following services:
Sales of airline tickets
Support to Canada
Integration service upon arrival in Canada

Brice Obam
Deputy Marketing Director
Immigration La Reference

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