It is possible to work temporarily in Canada, thanks to the temporary stay visa. But you need an offer of employment from a Canadian employer to obtain this visa. In two words, you most already have the promise of a Canadian boss; before you can work there and then make administrative procedures to validate your agreement.

Once the job has been found, your Canadian employer must make representations to the Canadian Services in its region to approve the work offer.

But attention, to have found an employer willing to hire you is not yet a guarantee to get this job. Indeed, the employer must take the steps at his own expense to prove that you don’t take the place of another Canadian or permanent resident in Canada. It must give details of the offer of employment to the local resource centre, and it checks whether your employment meets Canadian labour standards, and ensures that no other resident Canadian has the necessary skills for this position.

Employment is thus displayed in all the Canada resource centres. After this impact study on the market of labour (LMIA), the Department of Canadian employment and Social development, Canada approves your offer or not. If the study is positive, your potential employer provides LMIA so that you can make your work permit application. In some cases, if your skills are in high demand, we can give you much more quickly the authorization to work in the Canada.

Your employer must also sign the Commission health and safety work, or the Commission of work accidents, as well as the plan of health insurance upon arrival to Canada.

Your employment authorization is not a contract. You or your employer can terminate your employment at any time. If your duties change or if your employment is extended, you must contact a center for Canadian immigration, prior to the expiration date of your current visa.

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